Asthma Prevention: Mattress Cleaning


In this article on my blog I will write about Asthma Prevention, it is an important thing to understand if one or more of your household, family or frequent visitors suffers from asthma. If you have suffered from asthma yourself you will know uncomfortable it is and how being in dirty homes can cause an attack.

The mattress is the “hive” of all the dust mites in your home! dust mites are one of the leading cause of asthma!

Two of the leading causes of asthma and asthma attacks are dust/dirt & dust mites in your home, most usually with the highest concentration in the center of your mattresses. Now, don’t be alarmed but if you live in Malta or Gozo and have not had your mattress cleaned professionally and sanitized recently then a common mattress often contains up to 1,000,000 dust mites!

They cannot be seen with the naked eye but they are there! in almost every household. Now do not panic because if you do and quickly try to clean your mattress with a vacuum cleaner even a high end one like a Dyson you will only end up spreading the dirt and dust mites and there feces all around home because they do not use appropriate filters and end up circulating the particles around your home and possibly even contaminating your kitchen foods.

DDV (Deep Dry Vac) is a technology developed by a professional cleaning service here in Malta called Buffer Boys.

Using a range of hi-tech systems such as the world famous Kirby vacuum technology designed around the same concept of Jet Engines allowing it to penetrate all the way through your mattress Buffer Boys unique mattress cleaning service comes with a lab certified test of your mattress after they clean it. you will get a certificate of sanitisation from a laboratory.


100% free and non-obligatory free demo and a 100% money back guarantee.


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