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Where can I buy a Kirby Avalir in Malta?


If you’re reading this page then you’re most likely interested in purchasing a Kirby complete Home Care System such as the Kirby Avalir and you’re living in Malta or Gozo. Buffer Boys are the sole distributors of Kirby Home Care Systems and all necessary parts and maintenance in Malta & Gozo.


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If you’re looking to buy a Kirby in Malta but it’s a bit above your price range then Buffer Boys also offers also payment plans for your Kirby Avalir, Home Care System. Start with a 500E deposit and then pay monthly.

Kirby Avalir Home Care System comes with a FORTY YEAR GUARANTEE! You’ll really be able to use this machine in 25 years and it will still be a top of the line machine as Kirby are the sole pioneers of there patiented Deep Vac technology and now with the Kirby Avalir you can also look after your Hard Floors with it’s new Hard Floor cleaning bush.


Here’s a review and testimonial from a happy customer of the Kirby Avalir system:

Great American machine that will clean almost everything in the house!

There is still something to say about American products, this vacuum just reeks quality. From it’s polished retro aluminum body with it’s LED headlight, to its powerful suction and versatility. I really like this machine not only because it is quality, because it is versatile in assisting to clean your entire house. With a couple of steps it converts from an upright to a canister. It also shampoos and yes really, it can give you a scalp massage. I am not kidding there is an attachment that will give you a scalp massage, I use it on my dog and he loves it. The bare floor head is smooth and roles nicely. Before I bought this vacuum I had a Hoover Windtunnel canister that lasted around 10 years however stuff started to fall apart and break early on and the only reason it lasted as long as it did is because about 6 years ago I bought a used one at a garage sale and used it for parts. I then bought a Dyson canister and after that a Miele canister off Ebay and promptly sold them both back on ebay. Both of these vacuums came with high reviews along with high prices. The Dyson was so bad I could have used a broom and dustpan and got better results on picking up my Jack Russell hair off the rugs, the Miele was as bad if not worse, the design is so bad on the air driven beater brush head that it would stick on my low pile rugs making it almost impossible to vacuum at all. Both of those vacuums are 100% plastic construction for a very high price. The Kirby is about 80% aluminum construction. It is a bit heavy but if you learn how to use it the weight is not an issue at all. It has power drive with a foot leaver on the back that engages it neutral to power and it makes it feel like it weighs nothing. They also have thought of almost everything when it come to cleaning your entire house, a small handle when it converts to a canister, then leave the beater brush on and lift to clean your mattress, a small debris catcher that holds small debris so it does not clunk around the beater brush, a beater brush indicator light to let you know if brush is working. The LED light is very bright and I am sure long lasting like other LED lights the lights in my other vacuums went out almost immediately, I purchased a new bulb for my Hoover it lasted less than a week and it was burnt out again. If I can find some negatives it would be the tools are not onboard like some other vacuums and the tubes for the hard floor attachments do not clip lock together, but if they did have an attachment clip lock they would probably break like the ones on my Hoover and Kenmore did and I would have to use duck take to hold the tubes together. On the Kirby they use friction to hold together and it works pretty good but they do on occasion slip apart at the neck and all I do is push them together and they are good to go. It came with a tool caddy that you can mount on a wall or door that holds all the tools except the carpet cleaner. If you buy any other vacuum you will probably be replacing it in less than 5 to 10 years. This will be the last vacuum I will have to buy. The price is a little high but it really it is the last vacuum you will ever have to buy, so it is still a bargain pluis you have the pay monthly option offered by Buffer Boys My friends mother bought a Kirby in the early 1970s for $500.00 and she still uses it to this day.


buying kirby avalir malta is very easy just contact Buffer Boys for an appointment, they will come to your home and provide you a free demonstration and dust mite inspection, you can get to try the machine and see it in action and then work out a deal with one of there sales team.

Contact them:

Phone:(+356) (Malta)

2010 3050 / 7711 30509


websites: &

Buy Kirby Avalir in Malta


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